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Product characteristics

BabyKeeper®, a cot mattress which is also a medical device

When a baby mattress claims to have properties that prevent health problems or serve to treat a pathology or condition, the mattress becomes a medical device regulated by Royal Decree 1591/2009 under the supervision of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS), the body that grants the license to manufacture medical devices in Spain.

When the manufacturer obtains this license, the product manufactured is a medical device and is recognized as such because it bears the CE marking. Any baby product claiming to prevent and/or treat pain, illness or pathologies without the CE marking is committing a serious offence and may be sanctioned by the Ministry of Health.

Product elements

BabyKeeper® monoblock open-membrane structure core

The core is made of open-membrane reticulated structure. This material is resistant to acidic fluids and is easy to clean as it can be washed with water alone and dries quickly. The open pores throughout the entirety of the core permit optimum transpiration and heat dissipation, given that the air may flow practically without any obstacles around the core interior. This core, with its firm and open reticulated structure inspired by bionics, is exclusively manufactured for BabyKeeper®.

BabyKeeper® removable cover (zip located on the lower cover)

The cover comprises 3D fabric covers, decorative color 3D side borders, white edging and a hidden zip, located in the lower section away from the baby, facilitating the removal of the core for washing. The lower cover is a dark color to clearly differentiate which side of the mattress must face upwards in contact with the baby. The characteristics of these materials make the use of sheets unnecessary.

Product description

The BabyKeeper® cot mattress is a system comprising of two elements:

  • BabyKeeper® removable cover (zip located on the lower cover)
  • BabyKeeper® monoblock open-membrane structure core
White trim
White 3D technical fabric top layer
Decorative color 3D technical fabric border
Hiden zip
White trim
Decorative color 3D technical fabric bottom layer
Exclusive open-membrane BabyKeeper core:

Product composition

3D fabric of 100% polyester
Labels: 100% polyester.
Trim: 52% polyester 48% cotton bias fabric with polypropylene blend.
Zip and slider: Zip of polyster, 100% polyester thread and ZAMAC alloy (zinc-copper) slider.
Core: Polyether foam.

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The packaging: rolled and sealed

The BabyKeeper® mattress is manufactured in three sizes to cover the standards of the majority of the cots on the market:
50x80 cm, 60x120 cm and 70x140 cm.

A large part of the volume of the mattress is air, air that is stored and transported with the mattress if nothing is done to avoid it. In order to resolve this problem, we decided to press and roll the mattress for it to be packaged, and therefore obtain a better use of storage space and optimizing the transport volume. The size of the box is 23x23x74 cm.

Why is it vacuum packed and sealed?

During the manufacturing process, the materials used by BabyKeeper® are subject to strict quality controls that ensure the correct performance of the materials and a control of contaminants such as dust, mites and bacteria. To avoid any uncontrolled contamination, the product is compressed and sealed.

Furthermore, the BabyKeeper® is rolled so that it is more comfortably handled by the customer. It is recommended that the product be opened at home and that the user manual (contained in the bag) is read. If the product remains rolled for longer than necessary, it will take longer to return to its original shape.

Medidas colchón BabyKeeper
Medidas colchón BabyKeeper

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