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Use, cleaning and maintenance

Can I use the same mattress for different babies?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

Despite the fact that the durability of its components guarantee more than twice its useful life, studies recommend that mattresses should not be shared between babies.

Is required to use sheets?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

The BabyKeeper® mattress is designed so that the baby is placed on the white mattress covering and the cover can be used as a sheet with the comfort that this provides. It is recommended to use the replacement cover and avoid any direct contact between the core and the baby, given that the open pore structure will feel rough on the baby’s skin. The use of undersheets and waterproof sheets may reduce the capacity of the mattress to ventilate the microclimate surrounding the baby, which is based on the ability to exchange air and not retain either CO2 or excess heat.

The core can be exposed to direct sunlight?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

Do not expose the core to direct sunlight as it can loose its color due to oxidation. Foam oxidation is a natural process and does not reduce its funcionality in any way.

How I can clean the core?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

Rinse the core with a jet of water every 3 days and leave it to dry before putting the cover back on.

How I can keep the mattress clean?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

Both the cover and the core can be dry-cleaned, making it much easier to maintain the baby’s sleeping environment in the best hygienic conditions. As it is easy to clean, the mattress can be moved from room to room without the risk of the proliferation of bacteria.

In spite of the many advances in the treatment of materials with fungicides, antibacterial and anti-mite agents, the option of the research team that developed BabyKeeper® has been to eliminate the non-desirable chemical agents in the product and its components. As a result, the mattress has been given the OEKO-TEX Class 1 certificate which means that there are no chemicals in quantities which would affect the baby.
As a biological protection measure, its materials are 100% washable and dry in record time. Washing is a much healthier alternative to that offered by any chemical treatment applied to consumer products. The majority of mattresses on the market cannot be washed, or only the cover can be washed, and have extremely long drying times. An old or reused core that cannot be washed accumulates mites and other organisms which experts have established as being a risk factor in sudden infant death syndrome.
Furthermore, BabyKeeper® is vacuum packed to avoid potential contaminants during storage and distribution, thereby arriving at the place of use in the best possible condition.

I have already removed the package, now what?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

For the correct use of the BabyKeeper® cot mattress, it is recommended to wash the mattress cover with warm water (< 40ºC) before its first use, rinsing it well with water to remove any remains of soap. It can also be washed in the washing machine following the instructions on the label on the cover. Softener should not be used given that the colorings and/or aromatizers used in some softeners can cause result in the baby having undesirable allergies. Furthermore, the core is made from quick-dry material and it is advisable to rinse it before using it for the first time. To rinse the core just use the jet of water from the shower until it is clean. It is important not put the cover on while it is still damp, therefore after rising it is advisable to leave it to air dry or to dry it using a cold dryer/fan.

How to keep the mattress if I will not use it yet?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

Long storage periods (over 3 months) in a rolled and vacuum packed format should be avoided. The presence of water, humidity, dust, presence of dust mites, brusque temperature changes, weights on the box exceeding 50kg and exposure to direct sunlight sould also be avoided.

Once the product is acquired it is advisable to open the vacuum packed bag, store it rolled flat, and avoid placint weight on the mattress. It should also not be stored in the vicinity of elements or fabrics which have been used by pets.

Why is BabyKeeper vacuum packed and sealed?

Publicado el 28 enero, 2014

During the manufacturing process, the materials used by BabyKeeper® are subject to strict quality controls that ensure the correct performance of the materials and a control of contaminants such as dust, mites and bacteria. To avoid any uncontrolled contamination, the product is compressed and sealed.

Furthermore, the BabyKeeper® is rolled so that it is more comfortably handled by the customer. It is recommended that the product be opened at home and that the user manual (contained in the bag) is read. If the product remains rolled for longer than necessary, it will take longer to return to its original shape.

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