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How I can keep the mattress clean?

Both the cover and the core can be dry-cleaned, making it much easier to maintain the baby’s sleeping environment in the best hygienic conditions. As it is easy to clean, the mattress can be moved from room to room without the risk of the proliferation of bacteria.

In spite of the many advances in the treatment of materials with fungicides, antibacterial and anti-mite agents, the option of the research team that developed BabyKeeper® has been to eliminate the non-desirable chemical agents in the product and its components. As a result, the mattress has been given the OEKO-TEX Class 1 certificate which means that there are no chemicals in quantities which would affect the baby.
As a biological protection measure, its materials are 100% washable and dry in record time. Washing is a much healthier alternative to that offered by any chemical treatment applied to consumer products. The majority of mattresses on the market cannot be washed, or only the cover can be washed, and have extremely long drying times. An old or reused core that cannot be washed accumulates mites and other organisms which experts have established as being a risk factor in sudden infant death syndrome.
Furthermore, BabyKeeper® is vacuum packed to avoid potential contaminants during storage and distribution, thereby arriving at the place of use in the best possible condition.

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