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I have already removed the package, now what?

For the correct use of the BabyKeeper® cot mattress, it is recommended to wash the mattress cover with warm water (< 40ºC) before its first use, rinsing it well with water to remove any remains of soap. It can also be washed in the washing machine following the instructions on the label on the cover. Softener should not be used given that the colorings and/or aromatizers used in some softeners can cause result in the baby having undesirable allergies. Furthermore, the core is made from quick-dry material and it is advisable to rinse it before using it for the first time. To rinse the core just use the jet of water from the shower until it is clean. It is important not put the cover on while it is still damp, therefore after rising it is advisable to leave it to air dry or to dry it using a cold dryer/fan.

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