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What is Sudden infant death?

Sudden infant death is a syndrome, i.e., no concrete explanation has been found, even with the advances in modern medicine, to explain why a baby stops breathing and dies whilst sleeping. Nor is there a 100% effective treatment or a precise diagnosis; however there has been a great deal of progress in its prevention.

In this regard, scientists have found cause-effect relationships that have allowed the identification of factors which multiply the probability of observing a sudden death and those which prevent the syndrome.

There are two classes of risk factors: endogenous (genetics, mother’s habits during the pregnancy, etc.) and exogenous (those surrounding the baby whilst asleep). Exogenous factors are those that place stress on the nervous, respiratory and circulatory system and have been related to indications that, given the immaturity of these systems, cause fatigue and/or block them, thereby triggering respiratory failure. These factors are: thermal stress, air toxicity, posture, partial or total obstruction of the airways and the biocompatibility of the surrounding products (allergies and hypersensitivity).

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