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What more can be done to prevent SIDS?

Advice that increases the baby’s safety according to the American Pediatrics Association:

  • Place the baby on its back for all sleeps (make sure that all baby carers know this rule given that a change in postural habits increases the risk of sudden infant death).
  • Use firm surfaces
  • It is recommended to share your bedroom with the baby but not to share the bed.
  • Keep soft and/or loose elements outside of the cot such as soft toys, cushions, clothes, etc.
  • Visit the gynecologist regularly during pregnancy.
  • Avoid tobacco smoke during pregnancy (direct or passive smoking) as well as after giving birth.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol and drugs both during pregnancy and after giving birth.
  • Breast feeding is recommended
  • The use of a soother both during naps and other sleeping times is recommended.
  • Prevent the baby from overheating (due to too much clothes, blankets or central heating).
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