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Why do we sometimes show the baby face down?

The prone posture has been clearly related to a higher probability of sudden infant death syndrome and until the exact relation between posture and respiratory failure is known, under no circumstances is it recommendable to use the prone posture for the sake of prudence. However, the BabyKeeper® mattress has been designed so that in the event that your baby moves and finally ends up in the prone posture (when the baby is mobile it is the most stable posture and is probably the one that the baby will find most comfortable and natural), the risks are not multiplied as the exhaled CO2 is ventilated, heat is properly dissipated, non-solid elements from the airway are eliminated, thus allowing the baby to breathe through the mattress, even possible liquids such as those from regurgitation, diarrhea, etc., which could block the airway are removed.

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